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Resurrection Rune

Resurrection rune overview
Resurrection Rune Overview
Resurrection rune sectional slices
Resurrection Rune Sectional Slices

Used to shorten a dead players ban time

Usage Instructions

  1. Construct rune using 9 obisdian, 4 netherrack, 1 chest, and 1 conduit as shown in figures. Orientation does not matter. Light the netherrack.
  2. Name a piece of paper to match the target player's username. Place the named piece of paper in the chest. Multiple player names may be placed in the chest together.
  3. Right click the conduit with a diamond. The diamond will be consumed. In exchange, an hour will be removed from a target player's ban.


Other Runes

More runes to come soon! In the works are:

And if you have an idea for another rune, pitch to us in the Discord #feedback channel.